The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

College of Engineering


Office of the Dean
The dean directs all administrative and academic activities for the College of Engineering.

Office of Academic & Student Affairs
The Academic and Student Affairs Office provides leadership and direction for the College of Engineering's students and their concerns, including information and guidance regarding the college's undergraduate and graduate student degree programs and activities, international engineering education, and the MS-MBA program. The office also oversees outreach and international programs; academic faculty issues, such as hiring, promotion, and tenure; and matters regarding diversity and college benchmarking activities.

Office of Engineering Research
The Office of Engineering Research is responsible for strategy, research advancement, resource allocation, and the administration of issues related to funding for facilities, research grants, and technology for the COE.

Office of Faculty Affairs
The Office of Faculty Affairs provides leadership and direction for the college's tenure and promotion processes, faculty hiring, faculty mentoring and rentention, the faculty annual review process, and peer reviews of teaching. The office also assists with the college's involvement in the selection and recruitment of Governor's Chairs and the management of the faculty and staff awards processes for the college and campus.

Office of Finance & Administrative Affairs
The Office of Finance and Administrative Affairs directs and coordinates all fiscal activities of the college, monitoring and coordinating all human resources activities as well as certain facility improvements and capital equipment acquisitions.

Office of Engineering Communications
The Office of Engineering Communications is responsible for all communication efforts concerning the college including print publications, multimedia projects, public relations activities and representation of news concerning the college, and management of the college's website.

Office of Engineering Development
The mission of the Office of Engineering Development is to initiate, coordinate, and implement fund-raising to support and enhance the initiatives of the college, including recruiting and retaining students, sustaining outstanding research, and continuing to improve the college's technology and infrastructure. The OED also serves as the primary point of contact for the COE's alumni.


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