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The Engineering Honors Program is independent of (but complementary to) the university's Chancellors Honors Program (CHP), and an engineering student may choose to pursue both programs. In addition, the College administers two additional honors programs in cooperation with the National Academy of Engineering, the Grand Challenge Engineer (GCE) program and the Grand Challenge Scholar (GCS) program.


Admission as a first year student to the EHP/HC is by invitation, which is extended by the Dean's office to students meeting rigorous academic standards in their high school coursework and to all students accepted into the Chancellors Honors Program. Recent entering classes have had an average high school core GPA of above 4.0 and an average composite ACT of 33.


HonorsCoursework Requirement:

  • Four 100- or 200-level departmental honors courses (14 hours minimum, at least two courses must be from Engineering Fundamentals, Physics, Math, Chemistry, or Biology).
  • Coursework requirements in the upper division are specific to the individual departments and the student is referred to those individual descriptions for explanation.

Breadth Requirement:

An honors student is expected to broaden their undergraduate experience beyond a prescribed curriculum. EHP/Honors Concentration students must satisfy two of the five National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Grand Challenge Scholars Requirements listed below. One of these must be at an Intermediate level and the other at an Introductory level. 
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  • A research experience
  • Interdisciplinary coursework that prepares a student to work at the boundary of engineering with public policy, business, ethics, risk, and human behavior
  • An entrepreneurship experience to prepare students to translate invention to innovation.
  • A global experience to build the student’s perspective of these global issues
  • A service learning experience to deepen students’ motivation to bring their technical expertise to bear on societal problems

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NAE Grand Challenge Honors Program

Honors Program The National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge programs are combined curricular and extra-curricular programs with five breadth components that are designed to prepare students to be the generation that solves the grand challenges facing society in this century. These breadth requirements are listed above for the EHP/Departmental Concentration.

The Grand Challenge Engineer Program is for students who wish to concentrate in one of the NAE breadth areas and have an exposure to the others. It requires one Extensive experience and four Introductory Experiences in the five breadth areas.  A qualified research experience must be related to one of the 14 NAE Grand Challenges.

The Grand Challenge Scholars Program is for students who wish to build a broad level of experience in all the NAE areas into their undergraduate program. It requires one Extensive experience, two Intermediate experiences, and two Introductory Experiences.  A qualified research experience must be related to one of the 14 NAE Grand Challenges.

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