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Engineers day

Engineers Day has been a UT Tickle College of Engineering tradition for more than 100 years. Each October, undergraduate engineering classes are dismissed for one day to allow university students and faculty to spend time interacting with hundreds of potential engineering students from high schools across the region.

In October 2016, almost 1,500 students from 54 different high schools (and some home schoolers) traveled to UT's Knoxville campus to explore and learn about the various aspects of engineering through discussions, project demonstrations and exhibits prepared by UT engineering student clubs and societies. Participants experienced an overview of the different engineering disciplines and saw examples of how an engineer's work impacts daily life. It is our goal that students involved in Engineers Day will be inspired by the ever-growing field of engineering.

We would like to thank all of the students, sponsors, judges, and organizations that made Engineers Day 2016 an incredibly successful event. We look forward to seeing even more potential engineers on campus next year for Engineers Day.

Engineers Day 2016 featured five competitions for visiting students. Results for last year's Quiz Bowl, Egg Drop Competition, ASCE High School Balsa Wood Bridge Competition, Penny Boat Challenge, and Pneumatic Machine Competition can be found on the Competitions page.

The rules for the Egg Drop Competition, ASCE High School Balsa Wood Bridge Competition, Penny Boat Challenge, and Pneumatic Machine Competition may be downloaded in PDF format from the Rules and Regulations page.

The Tech CarniVol Student Organization sponsored a science and engineering festival for students in conjunction with the Engineers Day event. They offered six competitions of which two were more suitable for high school students to participate in, “Line Vollower” and “Houston, we have a problem!”. Visit Tech Carnivol for competitioninformation. Please contact Tech Carnivol at 865-582-5362 or email should you have any questions regarding the Tech CarniVol Festival.

If you would like more information on this event, review our web site or contact the Engineering Academic and Student Affairs office at 865-974-2454.

A promotional poster for Engineers Day may be downloaded in PDF format.


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