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Quiz Bowl

One of the more popular events during Engineers Day is the Quiz Bowl competition sponsored by Tau Beta Pi (the National Engineering Honor Society). The Quiz Bowl gives visiting students a chance to show how much they know about science and math topics by working in teams of four to complete a thirty-minute written examination consisting of sixty to seventy multiple choice questions. The four teams with the best scores advance to the semifinal round, and the contest concludes with the two top teams going head-to-head for the coveted Quiz Bowl Championship.

Quiz Bowl First Place

On October 23, 2014, the team of Joshua Lin, Brandon Hong, and Collin McLeod from Houston High School, won first place. The winning team received a gold trophy as recognition of their achievement.

A team from Farragut High School comprised of Kai Smith, Don Joo, Alex Chan, and Ben Savitzwas awarded a silver trophy for second place. For a complete listing of Quiz Bowl results, download the Quiz Bowl Competition Results.

ASCE Balsa Wood Bridge Competition

Another fun and exciting part of the day is the annual High School Balsa Wood Bridge Competition sponsored by the UT Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Schools are encouraged to participate by constructing miniature balsa wood bridges and bring them to Engineers Day to be tested for structural efficiency.

ASCE Balsa Wood Bridge Competition Winners for 2014

First Place – Unicoi High School — 1
Second Place – Jonathon Arwood and Jordan Bradley from Pigeon Forge High School
Third Place – Layla Daugherty and Luke Sommerfield from Pigeon Forge High School

For the 2014 competition, download the 2014 Balsa Wood Bridge Competition Results (PDF).

Egg Drop Competition

Egg Drop Winner

First Place: Team 133 — Ryan Kelly from Hampton High School

Second Place: Team 117 — Matthew Maynard and Morgan Armfield from West High School

Third Place Egg Drop

Third Place: Team 27 — Summer Blevins and Adam Williams from Hampton High School

The Egg Drop Competition has quickly become one of the most popular events at Engineers Day. Sponsored by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Materials Advantage student chapter, this competition encourages students to design a device that will protect a "free range" grade A egg from breaking when dropped with the focus being on the materials used to protect the egg.

Egg Drop Winners for 2014

First Place – Ryan Kelly. Score: 29.67
School: Hampton High School

Second Place – Matthew Maynard and Morgan Armfield. Score: 31.80
School: West High School

3rd Place – Summer Blevins and Adam Williams. Score: 34.19
School: Hampton High School

For a complete listing of the results, download the Egg Drop 2014 Results.

Food Battery Competition

Food Batery Winner 2014

First place for 2014 was awarded to MacKenzie Smith, above, from Pigeon Forge High School.

Second Place Food Battery Winner 2014

Second place for 2014 was awarded to Karan Goyal and team, above, from Hardin Valley STEM Academy.

Third Place Food Battery Competition 2014

Third place for 2014 was awarded to Tara Bohman, Haley Goldston, and Ellyn Wood from Harriman High School.

The Food Battery Competition was sponsored by the University of Tennessee, Materials Research Society (MRS), Student Chapter. Students were asked to design a do-it-yourself battery (or cell) made up with an electrolyte (solid or liquid) from foods only (anything drinkable or edible). This competition serves as a reminder of pressing technological needs that require students to start by getting involved early in seeking feasible solutions that will cause no further harm to our environment.

Food Battery Competition Winners for 2014

First Place: MacKenzie Smith, Pigeon Forge High School

Second Place: Karan Goyal, Weishan Liao, and Steven Ye, Hardin Valley STEM Academy

Third Place: Tara Bohman, Haley Goldston, and Ellyn Wood, Harriman High School

For a complete listing of the results, download 2014 Food Battery Results.

Radiation Shielding Competition

The Radiation Shielding Competition was sponsored by the American Nuclear Society. A radiation shield, simply put, is anything that blocks radiation from an intended target. In this competition, we consider gamma radiation from a laboratory source. Gamma rays are high energy photons speeding through matter until they collide with it. When a gamma ray collides, it deposits energy into the matter. Because gamma rays are so penetrating, it's possible to detect them through other matter (walls, floors, ect.). By using a detector (a device that recognizes incident radiation) we can tell where radiation is coming from.

Radiation Shielding Competition Winners for 2014
First Place – Harriman J

Second Place – Harriman D

Third Place – Radiators

For a complete listing of the 2014 winners, download the 2014 Radiation Shielding Competition Results.

Wind Turbine Competition

Most Innovative

Most Innovative: UT student Samantha Medina; competitors Torin Noar, John Michael Baggett, and Tyer McIntyre; UT student Daniel Caballero.

Most Efficient

Most Efficient: Winners of the "Most Efficient" wind turbine, with UT students Samantha Medina and Daniel Caballero (second and third from left).

Most Powerful

Most Powerful: Walker Wilson, Ian Williams, Chad Estep, and Jordan Hoyos.

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) at UT coordinated the very first Wind Turbine Competition. Thirteen schools from around Tennessee were represented and had teams of three students each. SHPE wishes to inspire and promote interest and excitement for STEM related disciplines among high school students in our area.

Wind Turbine Competition Winners for 2014

Most Innovative – John Michael Baggett, Tyer McIntyre, and Torin Noar from Kenwood High STEM Academy

Most Efficient: Names to come.

Most Powerful: Chad Estep, Jordan Hoyos, Ian Williams, and Walker Wilson from Alcoa High School.

Exhibit Award Winners for 2014

Class I Exhibits
  • First Place – American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ASABE) – Low Cost X-ray Machine for Developing Countries
  • Second Place – Pi Tau Sigma – Mechanical Engineering:  Many Degrees of Freedom
  • Third Place – Army ROTC
Class II Exhibits
  • First Place – Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) – EcoCar: The Future of Transportation
  • Second Place – Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) – Driving the Future: Transportation for the Modern World
  • Third Place – UT Amateur Radio Club (UTARC) – Collegiate Amateur Radio at the University of Tennessee
Class III Exhibits
  • First Place – Engineering Fundamentals – Engineering Fundamentals Innovation and Design Lab
  • Second Place – College of Engineering Ambassadors – College of Engineering Campus Tours
  • Third Place– American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) – Civil Engineering Lab Tour

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