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Balsa Wood Bridge Competition

Engineers Day Competitions

One of the more popular events of Engineers Day is the Quiz Bowl competition, sponsored by Tau Beta Pi (the National Engineering Honor Society). The Quiz Bowl gives visiting students a chance to show how much they know about science and math topics by working in teams of four to complete a thirty-minute written examination consisting of sixty to seventy multiple choice questions. The four teams with the best scores advance to the semifinal round, and the contest concludes with the two top teams going head-to-head for the coveted Quiz Bowl Championship.

Oak Ridge High School Quiz Bowl Competitors

In 2016, the Oak Ridge High School Wildcats team of Joe Andress, Wilson Huang, Candace Pang, and Adi Sujithkumar won first place. The winning team received a gold trophy as recognition of their achievement.

Farragut High School Quiz Bowl Competitors

The “We Are Farragut!” team from Farragut High School, comprised of Elliot Fang, Lily Gao, Wyatt Smithh, and Nalin Varma, was awarded a silver trophy for second place. For a complete listing of Quiz Bowl results, download the Quiz Bowl Competition Results.

Another fun and exciting part of the day is the High School Balsa Wood Bridge Competition sponsored by the UT Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Schools are encouraged to construct miniature balsa wood bridges and bring them to Engineers Day to be tested for structural efficiency.

Philip Arlington from Hampton High School

First Place in 2016: Philip Arlington, Hampton High School.

Trevor Eller and Cody Vines from Happy Valley High School

Second Place in 2016: Trevor Eller and Cody Vines, Happy Valley High School.

Cassiz Foster and Sam Murillo from Unicoi County CTE High School

Third Place: Cassiz Foster and Sam Murillo, Unicoi County CTE High School.


For the 2016 competition, download the 2016 Balsa Wood Bridge Competition Results.

The Egg Drop Competition has quickly become one of the most popular events at Engineers Day. Sponsored by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Materials Advantage student chapter, students must design a device that will protect a “free range” grade A egg from breaking when dropped, with the focus being on the materials used to protect the egg.

2016 Egg Drop Winners:

First Place: Devin Sullivan and Ethan Tornstrom, Knoxville Catholic High School
Score: 33.01

Second Place: Davis Delozier, Hunter Green, and Camden Jones, Webb School of Knoxville

Score: 33.98

3rd Place: – Christian Fox, Garrett Mesmer, and Nicholas Pansby, Knoxville Catholic High School
Score: 36.61

For a complete listing of the results, download the Egg Drop 2016 Results.

Competitors must determine whether the shape of a boat could affect how much weight it holds, specifically, a foil boat holding pennies. The competition is sponsored by the Engineering Mentor Program.

Groups of two to three are given a square of aluminum foil and a certain number of pennies. Groups must construct a boat out of the foil to hold as many pennies as possible without sinking.

Boats are tested in a tub of water, one penny at a time. The boat must float for five seconds before each added penny is counted as successful. Water entering the boat or the boat touching the bottom of the tub is considered sinking, and the last penny added before sinking doesn’t count toward the penny total.

2016 Penny Boat Competition Winners:

First Place: Jared Isaacs and Stokes Needham, Webb School of Knoxville

Second Place (tie): Jacquelyn Morgan and Jared Whittenbarger, Roane County High School

Second Place (tie): Collin Barczak and Eli Fox, Webb School of Knoxville

Second Place (tie): Timothy Metcalf and Jena Wilson, Pigeon Forge High School

Third Place: Cody Vines and Harley Hill, Hampton High School

For the 2016 competition, download the 2016 Penny Boat Competition Results.

Students were asked to design and assemble a simple pneumatic machine with given supplies and limited time. The pneumatic machine had to be able to pick up an object(s) off the ground and be able to life the object(s) on its own without any additional help from the group members or objects not provided.

The competition is sponsored by the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

2016 Penumatic Machine Competition Winners:

First Place: William Blount High School

Second Place: STEM School, Chattanooga

Third Place: Central High School

For a complete listing of the results, download the Pneumatic Machine 2016 Results.

Class I Exhibits
  • First Place: National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), Blob in a Bottle
  • Second Place: Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Aspire, Advance, and Achieve with SWE
  • Third Place: American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
Class II Exhibits
  • First Place: American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ASABE), Biosystems Engineering and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
  • Second Place: Systers: Women in EECS@UTK, Oh the Places You’ll Go as Women in EECS
  • Third Place: Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), Biomedical Engineering Society
Class III Exhibits
  • First Place (tie): CURENT, Power and Energy Systems Tour
  • First Place (tie): Innovation and Collaboration Studio, Engineering Makerspace
  • Second Place: American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Hydraulics Lab Tour
  • Third Place: Engineering Ambassadors, Tickle College of Engineering Tours

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