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Undergraduate Admission Requirements

High School Preparation

High school students interested in studying engineering at UT are encouraged to take courses in physics, mathematics and chemistry to prepare for the engineering curriculum. Successful engineering students are not only proficient in mathematics, they also communicate well both orally and in writing, work effectively in groups and have the discipline to stay organized and focused on challenging assignments.

To see a list of the courses you will need to complete in high school to be eligible for admission, please visit

Note: The University of Tennessee does not offer non-credit courses for correction of math deficiencies. Since you may not take any engineering courses until these deficiencies are corrected, you should make every effort to fulfill these requirements before arriving at the university.

Admissions Criteria

The College of Engineering has established admissions criteria for incoming freshmen based on several performance criteria, including completion of core academic subjects, GPA scores on these subjects and standardized test (SAT or ACT) scores. A Success Prediction Indicator (SPI) number of 60 and a math ACT of 25 or a math SAT of 570 are minimum standards used for admission to the College of Engineering. The admitted class may also be limited by space available in the College. The SPI is calculated by adding an individual's ACT mathematics score to 10 times their core high school GPA (based on a 4.0 scale). For information on what constitutes core high school courses, please consult the admission website:

SPI EXAMPLE: A student with a high school core GPA of 3.5 and an ACT mathematics score of 28 would have an SPI of 63 using the formula (3.5 X 10) + 28 = 63. SAT scores are converted to an equivalent ACT score to perform this calculation.

Students who wish to pursue a degree in the College of Engineering at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville but do not meet the college admission criterion may enroll as University Undecided students and complete appropriate mathematics, science and other courses before applying again for admission to the College of Engineering.

Admissions Checklist

Follow these steps to achieve your goal of admission for fall semester at the University of Tennessee. Most freshmen enter in the fall, although you may choose to enter in the spring or summer semester depending on your circumstances.

High School Junior and Senior Years -- Collect as much information about careers as you can and decide what you want to study. Don't worry too much about making the wrong decision because you can always change majors. Take rigorous math courses including at least Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus.

November 1 -- Priority Admission and Scholarship Application Deadline. Students interested in being considered for UT's competitive scholarships, including those offered by the College of Engineering, must complete the Admission & Scholarship Application by this date. Learn more about Engineering merit based scholarships.

December 1 -- Regular Admission Application Deadline. Applications received by this date will receive full consideration for admission and for UT's institutional scholarships, based on their grades and test scores.

May 1 -- Enrollment Confirmation Deadline. All admitted students must respond to offers of admission. After this date, applicants from the waiting list will be offered admission to UT on a space available basis.

June-July -- Attend on-campus orientation (your parents are encouraged to come too). Students learn what to do when they arrive for the fall semester, how to register for fall classes, and meet with advisors who can help with individual issues.

August -- Arrive at UT full of enthusiasm and ready to embark on an important and exciting life experience.


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