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Computer Requirements

Tickle College of Engineering IT Support

Ways to Get Help

Justin Forbes, Senior IT Specialist IIIf you don’t find a solution to your problem in the tabs below, contact Justin Forbes, Senior IT Technologist II, directly:

  • Email at
  • Call during normal business hours at 865-947-9962
  • Visit the Min H. Kao Building, Suite 426

Follow this link for a list of student computer requirements.

OIT provides MS Exchange email services. This includes mail and calendar access. Currently OIT maintains a 50 GB quota for email. If you exceed this quota, archiving mail or deleting it will be the best solution. Please contact Tickle College of Engineering IT Support for further assistance.

Email can be connected from a number of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

Connecting to Office 365 Overview

All Tickle College of Engineering Windows systems use MS Outlook to access Office 365 accounts.

Office 365 is the OIT mail system that OIT offers for faculty and staff.

Accessing Tmail Instructions

Printing is handled by each Tickle College of Engineering (TCE) office. Each TCE office has a few network printers and a few personal printers. Each TCE office is responsible for supplying the printer with toner and paper.

Any printer that is connected to the network can have multiple users print to it.

Connecting to a network printer

Adding a TCE printer to Windows ».

Remote Desktop is used to remotely connect to computer. As TCE staff, your primary use may be to make a connection back to your office computer. In order to use remote desktop from off campus, you must first connect to the VPN.

Once connected to the VPN, you can start a remote desktop session.

Connecting to Windows

All TCE Windows systems use your UT NetID for login/authentication.

The syntax will be UTK\NETID for your username, and you will use your NETID password.

Accessing the desktop remotely (RDP)

Tickle College of Engineering Faculty and Staff have access to a variety of OIT licensed software. This software can be used on state owned computers as well as personal computers.

Accessing OIT Software

OIT Software Distribution »

Tickle College of Engineering staff are expected to use OIT Storage to ensure that data loss is minimized. Your Tickle College of Engineering computer is not backed up. The OIT Storage areas are backed up and include basic revision control.

If your Tickle College of Engineering Windows system is on Active Directory, these drives will be mapped automatically.

Connecting to OIT Storage

If you are connecting to OIT Storage from off campus, you will need to connect to the VPN.

Instructions to map drives to OIT Storage

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