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UTK-MSE Departmental Seminar Series - Spring 2014

All seminars will be held at 2:00 PM in Room 307 SERF (unless noted otherwise); there will be refreshments at 1:30 PM in the lobby prior to each seminar.

Friday, Jan.17, 2014- Dr. Orlando Rios, ORNL - Lignin-based Energy Storage Materials: Nature Provided the Enabling Microstructures (host: Dr. David Keffer)

Friday, Jan.24, 2014- Srinivasan Srivilliputhur, Professor Department of MSE at University of North Texas - Cementite: Ancient Material, New Science (host: Dr. Kurt Sickafus)

Friday Jan. 31, 2014- Graduate Student Seminar II- Peizhi LiuDr. Gerd Duscher, Ondrej DyckDr. Gerd Duscher, Luis CasillasDr. Kurt Sickafus

Friday, Feb. 7, 2014- Dr. Ekhard Salje, Professor, Department of Earth Sciences - Cambridge University- Domain Boundary Engineering and the Hidden Ferroelectricity in SrTi03 (host: Dr. Peter Liaw)

Friday, Feb.14, 2014- Dr. Gregorio Velez-Garcia (host: Dr. Claudia Rawn)

Friday, Feb.21, 2014- Dr. Long Chiang, Professor – Univ. of Mass. At Lowell (host: Dr. Bin Hu)

Friday, Feb.28, 2014- Graduate Student Seminar III- Haoling JiaDr. Peter Liaw, Ling LiDrs. Keppens/Mandrus, Jacob McMurrayTed Besmann

Friday, Mar.7, 2014- Dr. Kai Xiao -Staff Scientist Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences ORNL-Topic:Two-dimensional chalcogenide crystals: synthesis, characterization and optoelectronics (host: Dr. Bin Hu)

Friday, Mar.14, 2014-Dr. Misoon Mah - Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development (AOARD) Overview (host: Dr. Bin Hu)

Friday, Mar.28, 2014- Dr. Dawnie Wolfe Steadman, Director, Forensic Anthropology Center Prof., Depart of Anthropology UTK (Host: Kurt Sickafus)

Friday, Apr.4, 2014- Dr. Huajian Gao-Walter H. Annenberg Professor, School of Eng. Brown University - Topic: Nanomechanics of Engineering and Biological Systems (host: Dr. Peter Liaw)

Friday, Apr.11, 2014- Dr. Bruce Hinds, Professor at University of Kentucky, Dept. of Chem. & Mats. Eng. Topic: Dramatic Nano-Fluidic Properties of Carbon Nanotube Membranes as a Platform for Protein Channel Mimetic Pumps (host: Dr. Bin Hu)


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