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Engineering students can take part in UT Study Abroad programs throughout the world. There are programs in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, South America, and North America. You can take classes during one semester, mini-term, summer, or the whole academic year. Click on "Getting Started" to begin your planning.

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You are eligible to apply for the Study Abroad Program after freshman year or after the first semester at UT, if you are a transfer student. Most programs require a minimum 2.5 to 2.75 GPA. For non-English language program it is required that you have minimum 4 semesters of equivalent of foreign language (faculty-led programs are exceptions).

How do I pay for it?

Many semester and year programs are similar to UT costs. You can use your financial aid and scholarships (including Lottery Scholarship) for approved programs earning 6 or more credits (i.e. all semester and academic year programs and some summer programs). You can also apply for UT and national study abroad scholarship and there are more funding opportunities for programs in non-traditional countries (i.e. outside Western Europe). Students will want to talk with the office of Financial Aid for specific details.

Will I receive transfer credit?

If you plan ahead, you can receive credit for any approved program. Talk with your academic advisor and the College of Engineering Advising about the courses you want to take abroad. All study abroad credits transfer as Pass/Fail grades with the exception of faculty-led. In order to receive Major or Minor credit, you must petition those courses upon your return.

Types of Programs

UT Study Abroad programs include 5 types of programs: UT faculty-led, Exchange, Direct, Third Party, and Academic Internships.

Engineering Programs

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Prior to applying for an Engineering Study Abroad Program you should schedule an advising session at the College of Engineering Advising Office.


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