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Hydraulics and Sedimentation Laboratory

Faculty Research Highlights

As the depth and breadth of the Tickle College of Engineering’s faculty quality and capabilities of our facilities have grown, the college’s research portfolio has diversified. From developing alternative treatments for heart-valve disease to improving nuclear safety and efficiency, some of the more recent TCE research ventures include:

  • Nicole McFarlane: In the more than 100 years since personal cameras became widespread, much has changed with this now ubiquitous piece of technology. Gone are the clunky wooden boxes mounted on tripods that sometimes required minutes of stillness from subjects. Cameras are now frequently small enough to fit inside a pocket with blinding shutter speeds and crystal clear resolution.The goal of Dr. Nicole McFarlane’s JDRD team is to do something similar with the neutron detecting cameras currently in use at ORNL. Neutron detecting cameras detect the photons created when neutrons come into contact with a force that causes them to scatter. Read More »
  • Eric Wade: Every year in the United States almost 800,000 people suffer a stroke, an affliction which results in blood flow being cut off from the brain. Strokes can impair mobility, speech, and cognition. The recovery process and the ability to return to normal life can be daunting for survivors and their families. New research by UT mechanical engineers led by Eric Wade could soon change that. Read More »
  • John Ma: Dr. Z. John Ma, professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, leads the Tennessee Bridge Research Laboratory (TBRL) Research Group, comprised of both graduate and undergraduate students in the Structural Engineering Program at the University of Tennessee. Read More »
  • Dayakar Penumadu: The UT Research Foundation and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering recently submitted a patent application on behalf of Fred N. Peebles Professor Dayakar Penumadu for a new type of adhesive. Called a “smart joint” system, the technology has a number of key features and applications and is characterized by being lightweight, flexible, inexpensive, and easy-to-install. Read More »
  • UT will be a leading contributor to the Collaborative Sciences Center for Road Safety (CSCRS), a new national university transportation center funded by the US Department of Transportation. Read More »
  • UT’s Innovative Computing Laboratory (ICL) will participate in six of the 35 software development awards and one of four co-design center awards for the US Department of Energy’s Exascale Computing Project (ECP). Read More »
  • World-renowned metallurgist Easo George has been named the newest member of the Governors Chair program, a joint project of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Read More »
  • Faculty member Lynne Parker, who has been working with the National ̍Science Foundation in Washington, DC, for the past two years, is moving back to Knoxville to become associate dean for faculty affairs and engagement in UT’s Tickle College of Engineering. Read More »
  • To help ensure that the next generation of researchers is as diverse as the topics they study, the UT chapter of the Society of Women Engineers hosted an event this past October to spark and nurture interest in STEM fields among high school girls. Read More »
  • These are exciting times for materials scientists at the UT-ORNL Joint Institute for Advanced Materials. JIAM’s new 140,000-square-foot research facility represents one of the world’s premier centers for advanced materials research.  Read More »
  • Garrett Rose: An EECS research team is helping to develop a computing system that mimics the nervous system to design a chip that would allow computers to operate at an even faster rate and calculate more complicated processing than simple binary-based computing. Read more »

Awards and Recognitions

  • Brian Wirth: Brian Wirth, Nuclear Engineering, was named a 2016 fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Read More »
  • Jie Wu: received the prestigious Wheeley Award, given annually in recognition of UT faculty members who have shown the ability to “excel in the commercialization of university-based research.” Read more »
  • Doug Birdwell: Birdwell, professor emeritus of electrical engineering and computer science, named to National Academy of Inventors. Read more »
  • Tom Zawodzinski: Named fellow of the American Chemical Society’s Polymer Science Division, one of the highest honors in his field. Read more »
  • Tickle College of Engineering faculty and students received twenty plaques acknowledging new patents and eight certificates honoring licensing agreements with UTRF at Innovation Awards. Read More »
  • Tickle College of Engineering Faculty Net 5 NSF Career Awards: Wei Gao, assistant professor, electrical engineering and computer science (EECS); Jon Hathaway, assistant professor, civil and environmental engineering; Donatello Materassi, assistant professor, EECS; Kai Sun, assistant professor, EECS; and Cong Trinh, assistant professor, chemical and biomolecular engineering, received NSF Career Awards. Read More »

Past Research Highlights »

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