University Adding Master of Science Program in Reliability and Maintainability Engineering



The University of Tennessee has recently approved a Master of Science program in Reliability and Maintainability Engineering (RME). The RME program will be offered through an interdepartmental program, the first of its kind in the Tickle College of Engineering. Students will have the option of completing the program on campus via the internet using a synchronous, interactive delivery mode in which distance attend class with the local students. Thesis and non-thesis (project) options will be available, both of which will require completion of a minimum of 30 semester hours. The course work will consist of a combination of RME core and elective courses; graduate courses in statistics; and courses in engineering, business management or a related field.


The admission requirements for the RME program are as follows:


Applicants for admission to the MS program in Reliability and Maintainability Engineering are expected to have earned a bachelorŐs degree from an accredited undergraduate program in engineering or physics. Students from other appropriate disciplines (e.g. chemistry, mathematics, etc.) can be admitted but additional engineering courses may be required. Entering students must have, as a minimum, competency in mathematics through ordinary differential equations.


The RME program will provide traditional students and working professionals with the opportunity to learn the theoretical and practical aspects of Reliability and Maintainability Engineering. The specific goals of the RME program are:


-To educate and produce graduates with the ability to understand and apply the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for professional practice in reliability and maintainability engineering.


-To contribute to the economic development of the state by training highly qualified graduates in the field to support industry and government.


More information about the RME program will be available as soon as final approval is obtained. Watch the MRC website and future issues of this newsletter for more details. Feel free to contact Dr. Wes Hines directly for updates (